(by Ali Torabi)
Biber is a plug-in for Rhino-Grasshopper which enables Parametric Joinery.
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Biber is a plug-in for Rhino-Grasshopper which enables parametric joinery. this plug-in was developed in collaboration with university of applied science in Mainz, Germany. The aim of Biber is to enable joinery industry to take advantage of parametric design workflow in Rhino+Grasshopper and makes the out of the box design and production more easy and affordable.

Plugin provide the following features:

  • An easy to understand and implement workflow for building complex joinery assembly 
  • A large join library providing both classic join types such as mitered, butt, lap … and advanced join types such as hybrid, custom profile joints…
  • Corner clean up (remove collisions around the corners)
  • Use of actual material
  • Ability to incorporate different material and join in the same assembly
  • Easy unfolding and nesting  

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