Bella for Rhino
(by Jeremy Hill)
Bella is a physically-based spectral renderer that combines remarkable realism with ease of use.
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Bella is a state of the art spectral renderer, built from the ground up to achieve unmatched speed and realism.

By adhering to a physics-based approach, it not only produces truly photographic images, but does so with a predictability that both simplifies use, and enhances productivity.

The Bella for Rhino plugin brings this directly into Rhino 6 or 7. There are virtually no new settings to learn, as the plugin automatically translates Rhino's render settings, materials, environments, and so forth. Bella materials, textures, and camera settings are seamlessly integrated, as well. For all version release notes, please see here.

The plugin supports rendering directly in Rhino viewports, in the Rhino render window, or externally in the dedicated Bella GUI application (which is bundled with the plugin installation). On MacOS, Bella natively supports Apple Silicon processors.

Bella's customer-first licensing stands out from the rest: all licenses are floating & perpetual, and implemented using a simple text file, with no subscription, no contacting remote servers, no failures.

Note: with no license, Bella will run in demo mode (720p max. resolution, small watermark, resume render disabled) with no time limit.


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