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Beaver is a plug-in that integrates computational design with timber engineering analysis according to Eurocode 5.
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Update 20.04.2024:
Rhino Package Manager has been not been showing the latest version available, so here goes a link for download.
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Beaver is a tool that allows timber engineering procedures to be executed in computational design workflows. The tool was developed following the “Eurocode5 - Design of Timber Structures” for verifying frame cross-sections, deformations and design of fastener-type timber connections. Also, Beaver is now fully integrated to Karamba3D.

New example files available and video tutorial at
Questions on the following link:

Beaver was conceived at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo - Brazil, and currently developed by engineers João Pini, Márcio Sartorelli and Renan Prandini. If you detect any bugs or inaccuracies please let us know.

We have recently published a scientific article in the World Conference of Timber Engineering (WCTE) 2023 showcasing the capabilities of Beaver, make sure to quote us on your research and projects.

-!- Instructions -!-
0. We recommend installing karamba3d prior to the Beaver installation. Please check Install the latest 2.2 version not the 3.0!
1. Fill up this form: and will send you a license within 10 days.
Licenses are currently free for all users, please use your university / corporate email for the request if you have one.
2. Install BeaverLicense.rhi, available on the files below
3. Execute "BeaverGetLicense" in your Rhino command line.

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Beaver is a collection of parametric tools for the design and analysis of timber structures according to the Eurocode 5 - Design of Timber Structures.
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