(by Beaver Structures)
Beaver is a plug-in that allows a parametric Limit State Evaluation of Timber Structures according to Eurocode 5.
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Beaver is a tool that allows a parametric structural analysis and design of timber structures according to the European code “Eurocode5 - Design of Timber Structures”. Beaver Limit State analysis components are divided in three categories: Combinations, Sections and Connections.

Combinations ULS (Ultimate Limit State) component correlates timber service class, characteristic actions for each load case and action types according to EN1990; informing the appropriate modification factor that should be provided to Sections and Connections components. Combinations SLS (Serviceability Limit State) component works similarly, considering also span lengths and creep limits to inform if model deflections are acceptable.

Sections category contains series of components for the ULS analysis such as Normal and Bending Forces, Shear and Torsion, considering grain angle, axial and flexotorsional instabilities and appropriate corrections regarding tappered and curved beams.

Connections category contains a group of components for load resistance evaluation of metal fastener connections such as Nailed, Screwed and Bolted/Doweled connections. Both Timber-to-Timber and Steel-to-Timber connection components are available for each fastener type, along with components that allow the analysis of multiple fastener connections and moment-resisting connections, which inform also overall rotational stiffness.  A specific component that evaluates axially loaded inclined screws was also included.


Beaver was conceived at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo - Brazil, and developed by Eng. Márcio Sartorelli and Eng. João Tavares PiniIf you detect any bugs or innacuracies please let us know at Beaver Structures.

Beaver was thought primarly to work together with Karamba3D, but receives raw structural data and can be used with any FEA plug-in inside Grasshopper environment (Such as ix-Cube and Koala). With this workflow, one can develop a parametric design process that goes from architectural conception to structural detailing in one single software interface. This process can be usefull for both complex parametric structures and ruled modular traditional structures, allowing the user to optimize structural arrangement, sections and connections based on a consolidated structural safety limit state code.

Design and logo by the great artist Raquel Silveira.

This plugin is being provided as a beta version, and pretends to be oficially presented at the Word Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE) 2020, Santiago, Chile. The provided example file will be weekly exaplained in short videos, wich will also provide more advanced information.