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Beaver is a plug-in that integrates computational design with timber engineering analysis according to Eurocode 5.
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Beaver is a tool that allows timber engineering procedures to be executed in computational design workflows. The tool was developed following the “Eurocode5 - Design of Timber Structures” for verifying frame cross-sections, deformations and design of fastener-type timber connections. Also, Beaver is now fully integrated to Karamba3D.

New example files available and video tutorial at

Beaver was conceived at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo - Brazil, and currently developed by engineers João Pini, Márcio Sartorelli and Renan Prandini. If you detect any bugs or inaccuracies please let us know.

We have recently published a scientific article in the World Conference of Timber Engineering (WCTE) 2023 showcasing the capabilities of Beaver, make sure to quote us on your research and projects.

0. We recommend installing karamba3d prior to the Beaver installation. Please check Install the latest 2.2 version not the 3.0!
1. Fill up this form: and will send you a license within 10 days.
Licenses are currently free for all users, please use your university / corporate email for the request if you have one.
2. Install BeaverLicense.rhi, available on the files below
3. Execute "BeaverGetLicense" in your Rhino command line.

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Beaver is a collection of parametric tools for the design and analysis of timber structures according to the Eurocode 5 - Design of Timber Structures.
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