AxisVM Parametric Design Tool V4.2
(by AxisVM)
This component is used for sending objects from Grasshopper to AxisVM continuously.
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This component is for sending  surfaces / domains / lines / members / node supports / loads to new AxisVM Model continuously. 


  • Install Rhinoceros 6 and AxisVM X5 R4 or later version. AxisVM COM server has to be registered within the operating system. Registration makes AxisVM COM objects available for other programs. COM server is registered after installation of AxisVM. Older versions of AxisVM must be unregistered first. See details in the AxisVM COM Server Reference Guide.
  • Download the grasshoppertoaxisvm.gha file from the latest release. Drag-and-drop this file into the Grasshopper canvas. Alternatively, place the gha file in the Grasshopper components folder. You can find this folder through the Grasshopper menu by clicking on File, Special Folders, Components Folder. The Interop.AxisVM.FW4.dll file should be in the same directory!
  • Restart Rhino and open Grasshopper. There should be a new tab in Grasshopper named AxisVM.
  • In case you don't see the tab, go to Grasshopper components folder, right click on grasshoppertoaxisvm.gha, select properties and click on Unblock.