AxiDraw Control
(by jaymezd)
Control your AxiDraw from within Grasshopper!
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A component that sends commands to the AxiDraw API from within Grasshopper, allowing you to plot curves and control your Axidraw directly from within Grasshopper. Supports layers in the form of datatrees.

This component will be under the Extra tab, AxiDrawControl category.

V1.2 Changelog:

  • Temporary files are named with a timestamp instead of with random strings
  • Added option to specify a file name to use instead of the timestamp
  • Added option to specify a directory to save the file to instead of the file being temporary
  • Changed the order of the parameters to be more logical
  • BUGFIX - Spaces are now allowed in filepaths and file names



  1. Install this plugin as normal.
  2. Go here and follow the AxiDraw CLI API installation instructions.
    1. If you know what you're doing, use the Python+PIP install by following the "One Line Install" instructions.
    2. If you don't know what PIP is, install by following the "Standard Install" instructions.
    3. Make note of where you installed. You need to know the location of the "" file for this plugin to work.
  3. Locate your AxiDraw config file that you want to use when plotting with AxiDraw Control in Grasshopper.
  4. See the example file for how to set up and use this component.

- James Dalessandro

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AxiDrawControl V1.2
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AxiDrawControl 1.2 EXAMPLE
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