Auto Entourage
(by j.vincent.mai)
Load entourage images from a folder and place it in Rhino.
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Adding entourages into architectural illustrations can be time-consuming, especially for larger-scale projects. Auto Entourage is a small Grasshopper plugin for loading entourage images into Rhino.


The plugin consists of two components: imgCrop and AutoEntourage. The first one crops empty margins in the entourage images, while the second one loads them into Rhino.


  • Download plugin into Grasshopper's components folder. Restart Rhino and launch the component in Grasshopper under "Display" → "Preview".
  • Use imgCrop to preprocess .png entourage images (with a transparent background). Images need only be processed once by imgCrop, and can be used for future projects.
  • Use AutoEntourage to load the processed images into Rhino by specifying a file path to the image folder, a set of anchor points to locate the entourages, and a set of heights for the entourages. "Load" once into Rhino and use "orient" to align to different views. 


AutoEntourage will take item, list, or trees as input, and behaves similarly to the default grasshopper components.

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