(by Fologram)
Free web publishing for Rhino. Create design reviews, tutorials, pinups, AR experiences and exhibitions in collaborative online studio spaces.
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The At.Studio plugin for Rhino adds the 'Publish' command to automatically export and compress drawings, images, point clouds and 3D models for viewing on any device with a WEBGL supported web browser. Models can be hosted for free on for pinups, design reviews, feedback, online exhibitions and AR experiences through SceneViewer and Quicklook. Published projects can be shared via private link or QR code.

Online features: 

Export, upload and host Rhino models online
Add models to collaborative online studio spaces (rooms)
View models in AR 
Share models and rooms with anyone on the web
Create links to models with QR codes
User presence - see where others are in rooms
Attach images, descriptions, PDF and videos to published projects
Create slideshows and animations from published projects
Combine models to create scenes
Create sections, plans and detail cutaways with clipping boxes
Edit and save object layer visibility
Create clean diagrams from model edges
Share views with others in rooms
Collaborative white boards
In room chat
In model measurements
Review discussion per project
Upload history / version control
Create dashboards of all projects in multiple rooms

Exported geometry and model attributes

NURBs surfaces, Meshes, point clouds, block instances
Vertex colours, texture mapping, Rhino materials
Rhino sun position
Images up to 8K
Automatic compression and recommendations for optimal web viewing performance

Further notes

The plugin also adds .gltf / .glb export options to Rhino for viewing models with any compatible online model viewer.