ARMy Ant
(by Matthew ARM Architecture)
Pulling the GH Ecosystem together one component at a time.
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ARMy Ant for GH is a large series of tools designed to solve specific problems at ARM Architecture ( From abstract pattern making, to dynamical systems, and to utilities for simplifying common GH tasks ARMy Ant aims to integrate distinctly different parts of the grasshopper ecosystem into one location. ARMy Ant is developed and maintained by Matthew Austin.

Within the ARMy Ant Tab : Chaos (Strange Attractors + Complex Plane Fractals), Swarms, Voxels (Marching Cubes), Drawing Tools + Architectural Tools.

On the development timeline :
Easy to use Chart Tools (Pie, Bar, Line, etc)
Integration between Swarms, Voxels and Fields.
DLA behaviours.
Recursive Subdivision Methods to assist with Marching Cubes Fidelity.

Discord :

Youtube Tutorials of how to use ARMy Ant coming soon.