(by Fred Becquelin)
Fuzzy logic components for Grasshopper
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Fuzzy logic components for Grasshopper.



Fuzzy logic is a field of logic in which a proposition can be only partially true, simultaneously with others.

It is known as the first step of artificial intelligence and is widely used for control systems of all sorts, such as airplane autopilots, chemical reactors or climate control.

Fuzzy logic is especially useful when working with field experts who know nothing about programming. They can input the logic of their craft with textual rules and experience-based estimations. For that reason, it was very popular with the medical community early on.

The new features in Angora2 include :

  • Linguistic hedges

  • Custom operators

  • More defuzzification methods

  • Access to the internal steps of the inference process for analysis and debugging

  • Angora Fuzzy Language syntax for readability, collaboration and compactness of grasshopper definitions

  • Pretty colors