(by amirhabibi)
A set of tools for deforming , creating and subdividing meshes and also components for ease of working with voxels in Grasshopper .
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Date forward to latest drawing tools in digital age , Yellow horses were the first human drawings.

Yellow is a set of tools for Grasshopper enabling mesh deformation , subdivision , refinement and other utilities for dealing with meshes , it also make ease of using voxels in Grasshopper .Yellow contains 46 components in four tabs : Deform , Refine , Utilities , Voxel . it has made easy to create various shapes by adding some deformer componenets that also work in all cordinates simultaneously. some of utility components are directly compiled rhinocommon methods in latest version of Rhino like: Mesh patch , Mesh fill holes so they only work in Rhino 6 . There's also been tried to enable most of subdivision schemes in Yellow like Kobbelt , Butterfly , Loop , ...  

  • Yellow V1.0 makes use of the Plankton halfedge mesh library by Daniel Piker and Will Pearson, released under the terms of the LGPL license ( .
  • Yellow has been tested in both Rhino 5 and 6 , but you may face minor bugs and you're so welcome to report them for correction. also any suggestion for making Yellow a better plugin is appreciated .


  • Sep 19 , 2018   Yellow 1.0 : First release.
  • Sep 21 , 2018   Yellow 1.012 : Added optional axis for Twist and Gravity components.
  • Sep 24 , 2018   Yellow 1.018 : Better Merge voxel performance , optional center for spherize component.
  • Sep 30 , 2018   Yellow 1.127 : Added Merged Voxel from points , Manifold , Mesh pipe and Mesh Cull duplicate faces.
  • Oct 04 , 2018   Yellow 1.194 : Final Release , Added Spherical flatten and Radial flatten component.


Here's a guide to install plugins in Grasshopper : 

Created By : Amir Habibi