Urban Network Analysis toolbox
(by city_form_lab)
Urban Network Analyis (UNA) tools for RH5 and RH6 help designers and planners model pedestrian and bicycle access and trips over spatial networks.
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The Urban Network Analyis (UNA) toolbox for Rhino is created by the City Form Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The UNA toolbox offers powerful functions for measuring spatial accessibility between origins and destinations along networks, enables users to estimate people's movment flow alogn ciruclation routes and estimate the patronage of spatial facilities from a set of origins over networks.

The toolbox includes 23 tools for creating and editing networks, manipulating the weights of origin/destination points, importing and exporting data, running spatial analysis functions and controling the graphic display options. A detailed HELP file is available below and on the City Form Lab's website at: http://cityform.gsd.harvard.edu/projects/una-rhino-toolbox 

To install:

  • Make sure you have Rhino6 in Windows with Service Release 13 or a newer update installed
  • Download the UNA toolbox
  • Drag and drop the UNAToolbox.rhi to an open Rhino window or run the UNAToolbox.rhi file by double clicking it. 
  • Go to Rhino Options > Toolbars >and make sure the UNA Toolbox is checked in the list.

Please see an introductory tutorial videos s at: http://cityform.gsd.harvard.edu/projects/una-rhino-toolbox 

City Form Lab team.