(by Amelia Harvey)
Triceratops is a Grasshopper plugin that exports geometry from Grasshopper to a JSON file in the Three.js object scene format.
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Triceratops exports Three.js scenes from Grasshopper for using in web based 3D visualizions. The plugin is intended for web developers that use Threejs and want an easy way to export geometry from Rhino to Three.js. Because the plugin is focused on web developers, the app exposes the Three.js object classes and their attributes while using terminology the mirrors that of Three.js. Many components, therefore,  represent specific Three.js object classes in both name and attributes.

The plugin allows the user to input meshes, assign Threejs materials (like meshStandardMaterial), and then export a scene that contains those meshes with associated materials. The output is a JSON using the Three.js object scene format. This is easily loaded into a Three.js scene using THREE.ObjectLoader().