Simulate SU workflow in Rhino.
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Although rhino has powerful modeling capabilities, it is not as friendly as Sketchup in the sketching stage of architectural creation.SU has many convenient features in Rhino that require combinations of multiple commands. For example, pencil, component unique, etc.

In version 1.0, SUwork has 3 commands:

SUpencil : Draw curves on the brep and split them automatically. Works best on flat surfaces. Works with the _mergeface and _extrudesrf commands to come closest to the way SU workflow.

SUrectangle : same as SUpencil, Draw rectangle on the brep and split them automatically.

SUblocksunique : automatically create unique blocks. No more exploding blocks and redefining.

more commands are WIP ... ... 

# It works on 6.18 or higher version.

#If the higher version of rhino6 does not work, please download the v1.0.2 .rhi file and change the file extension to .zip, then open it and rename the "Rhino7" folder to "Rhino6". Finally, change the .zip file extension back to .rhi and double click to install it. (This method is not tested)