(by daniel gonzález abalde)
Draw the name (or nickname) of Grasshopper objects with Draw Icons mode on and enriches the capsules when you zoom in.
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Draw the name (or nickname) of Grasshopper objects with Draw Icons mode on. It also enriches the capsules when you zoom in to understand the component and visualise its data at a quick glance.

The advantage with the alternatives (and the reason for it) is that this is a purely graphic plugin, you don't need any component to use it, it is modified via toolbar, and it doesn't create any object inside the canvas either, it only affects the canvas visually. Besides, you look much more stunning with them.

The second release comes with an additional UI feature called Riched capsules. This is very useful for new Grasshopper users and teachers, and to avoid putting up panels all the time, to be able to understand the components and see the data they handle at a quick glance, simply by zooming in on them.

 Source code


  1. Download the last release of Sunglasses.gha.
  2. Make sure Sunglasses.gha is unlocked, right click > Properties > Unlock (if visible).
  3. Copy and paste it in the Grasshopper Libraries folder, usually: C:\Users\<YourUser>\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries.
  4. Restart Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.
  5. Access from Grasshopper Toolbar > Display > Sunglasses.


This plugin does not contain any components. Access the user settings from Grasshopper Toolbar > Display > Sunglasses to enable or disable, draw the nickname instead of name, change the size of the font and include or exclude objects to display the name.

From version 1.1.0, there is another feature to visualise the content of components and parameters by zooming in on the capsules, when Display > Draw Icons is activated. Enable it from Grasshopper Toolbar >Display > Sunglasses > Riched capsules.

These user settings are stored in grasshopper_kernel.xml file in the Grasshopper folder, with the prefix "Sunglasses". But I don't know why you should use this.


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