Sunflower for architects
(by leesehoon)
Solar simulation for architects
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You can enter the latitude and longitude values for a specific area to get the sun vector for the specified date.

The path and time of the sun are calculated by calculating the true solar time of the specified time.

If you enter 8 at the start time, it is not calculated as 08:00 at the time of standard time, but as 08:00 at true solar time of the advance of that location.

You can create analysis points (such as the center point of a window), and figure out how long the sun shines in.

Each point is analyzed in seconds.

The result is displayed on the screen and can be exported to Excel. Excel supports more than 2016.

Developed in rhino6 version.
If it doesn't run on rhino6,
Update the Rhino, it will work.

Please leave a message if you have any other issues. I will reply to you as soon as possible.