Speckle Streams
(by dimitrie)
Speckle Streams brings parametric models to the web - http://streams.speckle.xyz
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Speckle Streams has just two components: SPK Sender and SPK Receiver.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: *FINALLY* all communications between server and clients are encrypted. 

New Users: Download the latest release. (SpeckleStreams Stable Alpha (0.0.5) WITH SECURITY UPDATE)

Old Users: Download the security update and replace the old .gha with the new one (SpeckleStreams Security Update 17.04.20)

Things Speckle Streams does: 

  • Realtime data broadcasting from any GH file to any other: multi-user grassopper!
  • Realtime online viewer of the geometry: updates in Gh are imediately visible online. 
  • Realtime online parameter manipulation of your defintion (like the remote control, but available anywhere as long as the defintion is online)
  • Solution space packager: detach your parametric model from the live backend for a more responsive and stable experience. No more flakiness (at an upfront computational cost on your side). Supports concurrent computations

Speckle Streams is for now a free service, curtesy of The Bartlett School of Architecture & InnoChain. Everything will be released as an open-source platform that you will be able to deploy yourself, on your own server (and at your own cost), so there is no lock-in. We wil never ask you for money.

NOTICE: This is no longer actively maintained. All development efforts are directed towards https://speckle.works