RUPA (Shape Grammar Design Assistant)
(by alvasondakh)
RUPA is a set of tools for creating designs based on shape grammar formal method.
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RUPA consists of 5 tools in the form of user object components.

The tools are:

  1. RUPA: The main tool for shape grammar designing.
  2. SIAP: Tool for preparing the initial shape.
  3. LIMAS: Tool for creating an extruded-to-point geometry that can be used as custom geometry in RUPA.
  4. TIGA: Tool for creating a triangle shape that can be used as custom shape in RUPA.
  5. BUKA: Tool for creating 2D rectangular shape on the surface of a 3D shape.

These tools are a part of my master thesis project in Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia), and are still in development phase. I will provide user's manual document sometime in the future. Please use as is, and please expect bugs and imperfections.

Extract into your User Object Folder. The examples are in file.


2018-03-26: Fixed few bugs, and added a new parameter. Please replace previous RUPA_18????.ghuser with RUPA_180326.ghuser