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Convert Raster image to Nurbs Curve
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This plugin will take an image path as input, convert it to binary(black and white)  image, trace the edge and output them as rhino curve(Precisely, Polyline and Bezier Curve). Then you can do things like wrapping it to other surfaces or arrange the pieces laser cutting. For now, it only supports binary output, but you can change the Inv parameter to switch the foreground/background.

Update: Now support multi-color output. Just input a target color count to CC, and it will output curves and corresponding colors. If without the input CC is empty, it will work as before.

The Definition is under param -> Utils Tab


This plugin Utilize a C# port of Potrace called Vectorization, the original links:

Vectorization, by Wolfgang Nagl. A port of Potrace 1.8 to C# Visual Studio.

Potrace, Copyright © 2001-2017 Peter Selinger.

Color quantization with nQuant By Matt Wrock.

Detail and source can be found here: