(by filipejsbrandao)
Interactive triangulation algorithms to assist users to produce parametric as-is room surveys.
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RoomSurveyor implements iterative triangulation algorithms to assist users to survey rooms, either orthogonal or non-orthogonal, and automating the drawing of the as-is survey. RoomSurvey components in particular, can be used to deploy an interactive workflow of space survey for non-expert users that mimics the empiric surveying workflows used by architects. This enables the possibility of developing low-key design interfaces for mass-customizable systems where contextual information is required.

It is the result of the PhD research developed by Filipe JS Brandão at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa / ISTAR-IUL research center. It includes interactive triangulation algorithms (da Silva Brandão et al. 2020) to assist the accurate survey of non-convex rooms and a few other utilities to handle 2D Polygons. Two versions of the RoomSurvey algorithm are offered: the first, described in (Brandao et al. 2019), is more effective in rooms with few non-orthogonal corners; a second one, RoomSurvey Strict, privileges shortest diagonals and is more effective in rooms with no orthogonal corners.

This is a quick demo on how to use the RoomSurvey component inside Grasshopper.