RhinoDiamond 2.0
(by www.smart3d.net)
Rhino stone setting software, updated with the latest goldsmith features. A must for creating 3D jewelry.
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known as Smart3d StoneSetting,
RhinoDiamond is the evolution of the program most used by the big names in international jewelry and also by freelancers.
Its functions for setting stones reflect those of the experience of manual labor. Simplicity in use in complex works is one of its most appreciated features.
Creating pave with over 300 stones is a matter of minutes.
RhinoDiamond allows you to lighten the models with honeycomb drilling.
It is possible to contain costs and times by generating setting maps, to facilitate the work of those who choose the stones and those who place them on the final object.
RhinoDiamond is a software that facilitates goldsmith production not only in front of the PC, but throughout the entire production.