RAPCAM is an affordable and easy-to-use 3D robotic programming software for ABB, FANUC and KUKA industrial robots. It offers fast toolpath generation.
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Computer aided manufacturing software for industrial robots

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Rapcam is developed by RAP Technologies B.V.

RAPCAM offers click-and-go milling functionality. It generates both roughing and finishing toolpaths to perfectly manufacture your product. You can select pre-loaded spindles and milling bits or specify your own custom tool.

RAPCAM can be used for many different applications; from milling moulds and plugs for casting to the finishing of specific ergonomic cushions and prosthetics.

RAPCAM’s contouring functionality is designed to quickly and easily drill holes or cut shapes from complex three dimensional objects. It can be used for the trimming of composite and plastic products or the cutting of holes for the placement of additional product components.

RAPCAM unlocks the power of robotic milling through custom orientation possibilities. Software allows you to follow the object’s curvature or stick with a certain orientation for the entire job.

You can try RAPCAM for free for 30 days.

We are happy to announce RAPCAM-GH v1.1.1 was released today. Although users of RAPCAM appreciate it’s simplicity when running in Rhino, for advanced use cases we advise to use grasshopper version which has high parametric flexibility. Good news is that your standard RAPCAM License can be used to work with RAPCAM-GH.

RAPCAM-GH v1.1.1 features:

  • Create multiple robots (FANUC, ABB and Kuka)
  • Move robots along, based on the base plane
  • Generate instructions for freely oriented plane systems
  • Set up your own custom tools with your own geometry and TCP
  • Set up User Frames
  • Simulate the movement of robots along the planes through interpolated orientations
  • Set up work scenarios where ABB, Kuka and FANUC robots interact
  • Use standard hot wire cutter tool

As an extra, we provide helper components to do Euler and Quaternion math:

  • Get Euler or Quaternion from two planes
  • Transform a plane by providing an Euler or Quaternion
  • Create TCP information Eulers or Quaternions
  • Transform Eulers to Quaternions and vice versa