Quick and efficient way to explore radial symmetry. Draw on 1 axis and see your design instantly rotate chosen number of times around a chosen point.
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Our process at INFIMENSIONS cluster oftentimes involves designing based on sacred geometry and mandala-style radial symmetry. Instead of doing it manually in Rhino we were looking for a quick and efficient way to instantly see how our design on one axis looks when rotated chosen number of times (axes) around a chosen point (origin). We couldn't find an existing solution, so we built one and decided to open source it for everyone to play with little to no previous experience.

  • works with 2D objects, as well as 3D objects (but probably slower depending on your computer specs)
  • quickly see design relations between axes
  • copy the whole Grashopper patch if you need different plane, origin and/or number of axis for a different layer (as many as you need)

Developed by Danijel Sivinjski (released into the public domain)

  • Grasshopper version: 1.0.0007
  • Rhino version: 6.20.19322.20361