PureWeb Cast for Rhino (beta)
(by cdoehring)
Share your designs directly from Rhino3D into a browser and collaborate with others while keeping control of your files.
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PureWeb(R) Cast for Rhino(R) is currently in beta and enables CAD designers and engineers to safely share CAD models with others from Rhinoceros (Rhino3D). Throughout this beta period we are offering the use of PureWeb Cast for Rhino free of charge and encourage users to submit feedback on their thoughts and experience. 

How does it work? A plugin installed into your Rhino3D captures the view of the 3D model and broadcasts it into a browser. Sharing your model requires a PureWeb Cast account (create one here). Other users can be invited via a URL to your permanent meeting space (part of your PureWeb Cast account) to view the model and interact with it. Communicate via built-in audio conferencing by clicking the microphone button (available in the browser and PureWeb Cast plugin dialog).

The advantage of PureWeb Cast for Rhino is that you can share your models instantly without the need to share the source files or the use of cloud storage solutions. You are able to share from an environment you are comfortable with and can make ad hoc changes to the model that will be reflected for all collaborators viewing in the browser immediately.

New Features of Beta 2 (Released April 12, 2018):

Password protected spaces
Rhino users (hosts) are now able to protect their space with a password. In the PureWeb Cast for Rhino dialog, simply enter a passphrase of your choice and click Set. Participants in the browser who are currently in your space, as well as those who are just joining, are now presented with a dialog to enter a password before they are let into your space. Passwords are persistent until the host clicks the Remove button in the PureWeb Cast for Rhino dialog. 

Listing connected users and audio status
Rhino users (hosts) and collaborators in the browser (guests) now have access to a list of participants currently in the space. Hosts see connected guests in the PureWeb Cast for Rhino dialog. Guests can access the list of users by clicking on the rocket ship icon at the top left of a space. A microphone icon to the left of a user name indicates that this person has their microphone enabled.  

Quality of the images streamed to the browser
The overall quality and responsiveness of the shared view have been improved significantly. This results in crisper images in the browser and better interactivity from collaborators. 

Requirements (Host/Rhino user)

  • PureWeb Cast account (create one for free here)
  • Rhino 5 for Windows
  • Installed PureWeb Cast for Rhino plugin
  • External or built-in microphone for audio

Requirements (Collaborators)

  • Modern, WebRTC capable browser
    (e.g. latest Google Chrome and FireFox on Windows and Mac. Microsoft Edge will NOT work)
  • External or built-in microphone for audio

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