Procedural Compute
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Procedural Compute orchestrates and scales simulation tasks. It supports a variety of building performance simulation tools.
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Procedural Compute is a cloud platform for running building physics at scale.

With our Grasshopper plugin it is possible to run CFD, Daylight and Energy in the cloud to get fast feedback on your design.

You set up your simulation case in Grasshopper with our plugin and the sends the task off to the cloud. The simulation is run in the cloud, freeing up your machine to do other work or simply dispatch more simulation task, if you fx. are doing parametric studies.

You can view. monitor progress, debug and rerun your simulation task through our webbrowser. We give you full transparency of the simuation process, so you can view logs and files just as you would have if you had run the simulation locally.

When a simulation is done, you will be notified and you can either download the results in Grasshopper with our plugin to visualize them or download them through the webbrowser, if you prefer to do your postprocessing elsewhere.