Point Clouds for Rhino
(by Mark Estcourt)
Load point clouds of any size from any source, exploit and create geometry and export for use in other applications.
Standard £499 Professional £999
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Massive point clouds can be imported into Rhino for modelling.  All functions inside of Rhino are controlled via the simple Veesus Control Panel which is presented in a familiar Rhino style.  Functions Include:

  • Point Cloud Attributes (colour, size, opacity scale, position)
  • Point Cloud Clipping (hide selected points)
  • Snapping to Point
  • Automatic Vectorization
  • Slice Point Cloud & Rhino Geometry
  • Point Cloud Lighting
  • Relief Shader
  • Viewpoints

Professional Version also includes:

  • Renderer
  • Copying
  • Deleting
  • CSV Export
  • Plane Through Points
  • Clash Detetion with Meshed Surfaces