PedSim Pro
(by Gradient12)
Advanced pedestrian simulation plug-in for Rhino and Grasshopper.
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PedSim Pro 1.1.1 is available now!

PedSim Pro is based on PedSim, the No.1 pedestrian simulation tool in Rhino and Grasshopper, with 9000+ downloads worldwide. Users can utilize Grasshopper and Rhino’s full modeling, visualization and data processing capabilities. It is unbelievably easy yet extremely powerful. PedSim Pro 1.1 has many significant new features over PedSim (click each link for details):

Please visit to find out more and subscribe (recommended). If you download the trial here, please download the examples here.

By downloading PedSim Pro you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Scroll down to watch the recent PedSim global webinar in case you missed it. There is also a detailed tutorial about modeling basics.

For instructions on installation, trial and subscription, click here.

PedSim Pro Primer is updated with input-output charts for each component. Please take a look!

We call for examples / case studies from users like you, with the benefit of using PedSim Pro for free (limited time, Terms and Conditions apply)! Please contact us if you want to use PedSim Pro for your project and are willing to share online.




  • Added manual proxy setting in Engine's menu. (Click here for details.)


Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed an error in integration that may cause inaccuracy
  • Access point switching behavior did not work for Rooms. This is fixed.
  • Anticipatory collision avoidance fails in rare conditions. This is fixed.
  • Person repulsion can be based on absolute or relative distance (in 1.0, only relative distance)
  • Other bug fixes

New features:

  • Added six new components: Train, Train Schedule, PersonSettings, Deconstruct Wall Collision, Deconstruct Person Collision, Deconstruct Train Schedule
  • Collision Detection
  • Train Object
  • Added Advanced agent control parameters
  • Room's entry and exit can be separated
  • Person has max speed
  • SystemSettings Component: added simulation duration, (output) repulsion force - distance graph
  • GridPersonCounterComponent: Add a new mode "Count Current"

File upgrade and compatibility

  • V 1.1.1 is compatible with V 1.1 files.
  • If you upgrade your GH definition from 1.0, please replace ALL PedSim Pro components.
  • GH definition with PedSim components will not work with PedSim Pro, and vice versa.

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