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Panda_GH_4.190712 is coming!
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To All:

   I can't reply to you because I can't pass throuth the CAPTCHA test!

   Panda is still under development! This is a beta version that is used to find some unknown bugs. You can choose to use as your prefer .Please abjectively comment in the setion about the bugs whithout any personal emotions or contect me with email. ||

Best wishes!



This utility for Panda exposes three commands:

  • Curve. Curve edit tools,such as curve splits,curve discountinuity
  • Math:Commen math tools,such as intrrupt random,translator,add excel read and write
  • Mesh:Mesh smooth and subdivision tool
  • Panda. Block,text,hatch edit tools,such as material edit,preview with attributes
  • Point.Point edit tools,such as preview points order,sort points
  • Set. Data edit tools,such as group datas ,cull null items,add parallel component speeding the prograss
  • Surface.Surface modeling tools,such as surface random subdivide ,surface analyze

Some more examples are published with the plugin,you can find it when right click the target. it is the second release and it also might contain still bugs. Please let me kown if any bugs were fonud!If you has some adives to make Panda better,please let me kown! Wish you enjoning the plugin!

To install:

  • Double click the install file and wait untill it is finished
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper

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