(by petrasvestartas)
This is the first version of OpenNest add on.
It packs outlines from 3D to 2D layouts.
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The library is based on Boost 1.62 that is used to compute NFP - No Fit Polygon.

For now it consists only of 1 component that is located in Grasshopper:

Params tab -> Nest Categary.

Please unblock the files if necessary and turn of Coff Settings.

I built library on Rhino 5.14 (64 bit) so it should work on both Rhino5 and Rhino6. Also it is free and I will open source it on Github.

For now there is no version for Mac users, but I hope to make it work on Mac soon.

I recommend to decrease tolerance to 0.01 in the main nesting component to achieve precise nesting output even it takes longer to compute. Also it is faster to nest low resolution polylines, and then apply transformation "T" output to moved detailed objects to nested shapes.