(by hilca4)
Sending Rhino commands with only one key
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The program modifies 8 keys of your keyboard. (Version 0.2)

While One-Key is running, each key has two/three Rhino commands.

Sending command 1: hold key for about half a second

Sending command 2: quickly press key two times (like double click with the mouse)

In a few commands it is possible to use the concerning key as  enter-key after selection of objects (copy, mirror and move)

For example the command copy with key c:

  1. hold key c for a while
  2. select your objects
  3. press key c as enter or press enter-key
  4. continue copy command

For writing in textfields toggle programm to pause (Ctrl + F12)

Key List:

  • Ctrl + F12: toggle program pause
  • c long: copy (key as enter)
  • c 2x: circle
  • d long: distance
  • d 2x: dim
  • j long: join
  • j 2x: explode
  • m long: move (key m as enter)
  • m 2x mirror (key m as enter)
  • o long: options
  • o 2x: offset
  • p long: polyline
  • p 2x: line
  • r long: rectangle
  • r 2x: box
  • t long: text
  • t 2x: trim