(by hilca4)
For People, who like to draw with the keyboard. Sending Rhino commands with only one key
Version 0.3
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The application has been modified, because the delay of the keys during typing text (in fields and in the command line) was too long.

Sending Enter has been removed, because it failed when pressing escape-key.

Sending command 2: hold key for about 2 seconds (instead of double click)

Sending command 3: hold key for at least 3 seconds

Hold Key f for 3 seconds displays the command list.

Note: While typing text, the key needs to come up before the next key can be send.



The program modifies 8 keys of your keyboard. (Version 0.2)

While One-Key is running, each key has two/three Rhino commands.

Sending command 1: hold key for about half a second

Sending command 2: quickly press key two times (like double click with the mouse)

In a few commands it is possible to use the concerning key as  enter-key after selection of objects (copy, mirror and move)

For example the command copy with key c:

  1. hold key c for a while
  2. select your objects
  3. press key c as enter or press enter-key
  4. continue copy command

For writing in textfields toggle programm to pause (Ctrl + F12)

Key List:

  • Ctrl + F12: toggle program pause
  • c long: copy (key as enter)
  • c 2x: circle
  • d long: distance
  • d 2x: dim
  • j long: join
  • j 2x: explode
  • m long: move (key m as enter)
  • m 2x mirror (key m as enter)
  • o long: options
  • o 2x: offset
  • p long: polyline
  • p 2x: line
  • r long: rectangle
  • r 2x: box
  • t long: text
  • t 2x: trim