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Rhino Mesh NGon methods for Grasshopper
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Mesh NGon Methods for Grasshopper and Rhino 6: NGon Create, Vertex, Edge, Face Adjacency queries, Subdivide, Planarize, Transform, Utilities. Please check the example files to understand the workflow. For bugs write an email: or post on McNeel forum.


Option 1:

Follow tutorial

(For Rhino6 type in the command-line TestPackageManager, for Rhino7 PackageManager)

Option 2:

Add downloaded .zip file to: ...\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries. Unblock only the .zip file if you see the unblock button. Then unzip all the files.


Petras Vestartas, Aryan Rezaei Rad (2021). NGon: Tool for Mesh Processing and Timber Engineering Design.



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Following are open-source libraries used in the following components:

1. Remeshing. From Geometry3Sharp by Ryan Schmidt

2. BFS.  From Boundary First Flatenning by Rohan Sawhney, Keeenan Crane. 

3. For structural analysis install COMPAS and COMPAS_FEA: