(by WongII)
Generating the Chinese tradional architecture of wooden carpentry system conforming the regulations in Song Dynasty
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On the opportunity of restoring the historical town, by the study of connection among each element of structural carpentry system in the book of Ying Zao Fa Shi( the Building Regulations of Song Dynasty), a Grasshopper platform has been set up to parameterize this connection and eventually produce the specific model with specific inputting parameter.  Thereafter to put forward, parametric model helps to the manipulation of specific form for designers, supporting the future restoration of the Song dynasty official architecture.

The deduction of connection between each component through computer program externalizes the abstract and difficult concepts according to the building regulations of Song Dynasty, and even weakens the share of “experience” in traditional construction process, liberating the architect from repetitive works.  By the appliance of this GH program, different composition of parameters rapidly leads to the different type of palace style structural carpentry model, which gives choice to the designer for best solution.  Choose parameters, control the general order and get the result, is where architect should put more focus.