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MOLE is a Plug-in that works in Grasshopper but alike a Double Agent benefits ArchiCAD Users. It auto-creates Guidelines for Native ArchiCAD Elements.
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MOLE is a Plug-in for Grasshopper which works in Grasshopper but like a Double Agent benefits ArchiCAD Users. (First Release: 28.11.2019)

Because the development of the plug-in is on progress, now MOLE Plug-in has just three components which are Wall-Guider 2.1, MergedZones WG(Wall-Guider) 1.0, and Slab-Guider 1.0. 

Wall-Guider and MergedZones WG create guidelines for using them as an input for ArchiCAD Wall Component.

Slab-Guider creates guidelines for using them as an input for ArchiCAD Slab Component.

Soon, we are planning to release such components as Door-Guider, Window-Guider, and others. Thanks to ArchiCAD Live-Connection between Grasshopper, Architects which use ArchiCAD Software as the main tool for drafting can benefit from the power of Algorithmic Design.

For using MOLE Plug-in you will need to download and set up it and also such a plugin as ArchiCAD Live-Connection to your PC.

You can download MOLE Plug-in (Wall-Guider Component) and Example Templates from this site.

You can download ArchiCAD Live-Connection from:

NOTE: It is Critical to use Cantimeters both in Rhino and ArchiCAD.

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