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Mindesk is the first and most advanced Virtual Reality interface for Rhino 6.
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Mindesk is the first and most advanced Virtual Reality interface for Rhino 6 and Grasshopper.

Navigate, edit and build your 3D CAD models immersed in the VR without exporting your Rhino project. All you need to do is load Mindesk and you are ready to go. Bring your current Rhino workflow in VR including 3D navigation, multi-scale view, geometric editing, NURBS editing, surface modeling, curve modeling and much more. Mindesk works with HTC Vive™, Oculus Rift™, and Windows Mixed Reality™ devices. It is recommended that your PC is VR/AR ready.


Mindesk comes with a Grasshopper component that renders your parametric model in the virtual reality space. Inputs include:

G (geometry): plug one or more meshes as input

C (color): plug one or more RGBA colors as input, use color Alpha channel for transparency

Start: requires a boolean button input, push the button to turn on the component only after Mindesk is running in Rhino

note: all input needs to be either a single object or a flat list. G and C input need to contain the same number of objects (use longest list component to pair your lists).

In order to get started with Mindesk, please visit our setup page and install your VR CAD in four simple steps!

You can find more instructions in the user's handbook.

Known issues:

  • Rhino might crash after closing Mindesk. Always save your project after a VR session.
  • After editing a NURBS from its control points, the NURBS might be converted into a polysurface. This causes Rhino to crash.

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If you need help, visit our support page.

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