Mindesk AR/VR
(by Mindesk)
Mindesk AR/VR component enables to use McNeel Grasshopper in Augmented and Virtual reality!
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Mindesk AR/VR enables to use Grasshopper in Augmented and Virtual reality!

Enjoy navigating, editing and building your parametric models immersed in the VR/AR without the need to export it anywhere. All you need to do is loading Mindesk plug-in for Rhino (required) and place Mindesk Grasshopper component in your blueprint and you are ready to go.

Mindesk renders your parametric model in the virtual reality space. Inputs include:

G (geometry): plug one or more meshes as input

C (color): plug one or more RGBA colors as input

note: all input needs to be either a single object or a flat list. G and C input need to contain the same number of objects.

Install: unzip the package, move Mindesk component folder in Grasshopper's library folder and reboot Rhino. You will find Mindesk component at the end of Grasshopper's tool palette

Mindesk for Grasshopper supports HTC Vive™Oculus Rift™, Windows Mixed Reality™, and Meta 2™. It is recommended that your PC is VR/AR ready.

Known issues:

  • Sometimes, if you boot Mindesk before launching Grasshopper, you might need to unplug and replug your geometric input into Mindesk grasshopper component.

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