Marine Structure WorkShop
(by SHIP-ST)
This plugin is a toolbox for marine structure design. It features various 3D modeling and 2D design tools.
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Marine structure WorkShop (or MSW) is a Rhino6 plugin designed for marine structure designers.

Right now it is still a Work-In-Progress, and it will get fixes and new features on a regular basis. Marine structure workshop will remain free until the end of the Beta (at least until 2019, July the first). This plugin is also localized (English and French language supported).

Here is a non-exhaustive list of features:

  • Export parts to DXF files
  • Traces generator with outline to line/arrow feature
  • Automatic traces' and part's naming
  • Bill of weights report based on volumes, surfaces, curves, points and blocks. (Excel output)
  • Hydrostatic report at various height (Excel output)
  • Various custom selection tools complementing rhino's selection tools
  • Table insertion from Excel workbook
  • Profiles extrusion following a curve with ending (Whistles, Drainage holes, …) - Coming soon
  • Brackets' creation - Coming soon
  • Cut-outs' creation - Coming soon
  • Plates development (at neutral fibrer) with traces - Coming soon