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Konstru is a Version Control and Interoperability cloud-platform for BIM models.
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Konstru makes your favorite design & analysis tools talk to one another. Turn your Revit model into Etabs, SAP2000 into Grasshopper, Tekla into Revit, translate any direction you want. Konstru translates BIM elements across all of its supported platforms including element properties and analysis results. Just upload your BIM model to our secure cloud and download it across multiple platforms. Upload changes from other tools and download them back into the initial platform. Konstru's change management will visualize everything that changed like any Version Control tool like git or svn. Konstru provides interoperability for engineering BIM model elements like beams, braces, columns, floors, walls and many more across Grasshopper, Revit, ETABS, SAP2000, Tekla, RAM Structural Systems, Excel and Dynamo.

  1. To get started, create an account at app.konstru.com
  2. Follow our instructions to upload your first model.

Konstru now repairs structural models automatically, learn more in out documentation or check out our group
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