(by jara_broz)
Koala is a plugin for export of model from Grasshopper to SCIA Engineer
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Koala is a Grasshopper component to connect Grasshopper with SCIA Engineer for parametric/generative design.

It takes Grasshopper geometry and produces a SCIA Engineer XML with the corresponding data.

Manual / Help / changelog - Koala manual

Do you miss something in out Koala? No problem - follow the link - Ideas & Issues - and add your wish here or vote for others.

Koala is developed as an open source under GNU LGPL v3 license. You can contribute to the source code here https://github.com/jarabroz/koala 



Straight segments, circle arcs with beam rotations and layers

Flat or curved surfaces with 3 to 4 edges

Complex plane surfaces, including complex openings and circular plane


Node supports, edge supports

Line loads, free loads on surfaces

Mesh size definition

Batch-mode: ability to run an analysis and get results through "esa_xml.exe"

And moreā€¦



Download attached zip file.

Unblock downloaded zip file and extract it.

Input dll from extracted folder to folder with Grasshopper Add-ons.

Open the Grasshopper and feel free to connect any geometry you want to the Koala component.

Set up the input fields (file paths, etc) of the component according to your system

Make sure that the koala.xml.def file is in the same folder as the generated XML file to ensure proper import

In SCIA Engineer, use the menu items "Import XML" or "Update XML"