(by jara_broz)
Grasshopper plugin which converts Karamba3D model to SCIA Engineer model
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The plugin converts models from Grasshopper plugin Karamba3D to SCIA Engineer.

Supported features:

  • export of geometry of beams & slabs
  • export of Eurocode materials
  • export of cross-sections
  • export of nodal supports
  • export of joints
  • export of nodal load
  • export of line load
  • export of mesh load

How to install:

Download zip file and unblock it in file properties. Unzip and move whole content to Grasshopper libraries.

How to use it:

  1. Select component from ribbon StrawberryTools
  2. Define the part  and file name for the SCIA Engineer output model - parameter Output path
  3. Attach Karamba model to Model parameter
  4. Attach Button competent to make export parameter
  5. Once ready - push button - on the background Excel file is generated
  6. Open SCIA Engineer
  7. Go to File - Import - FRILO GEO Building model
  8. Select file and press OK