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Are you finding it too slow to create robot simulations?

Use IO to build a render
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Are you finding it too slow to create robot simulations? Use IO to build a rendered simulation, with play-back in real-time,
and code output USING ONLY TEN components!

The only robotics plug-in for GH with: 1. Animation Timeline
2. Rendering
3. API


Animation Timeline: Smooth animation system that plays at the real-world speed; so you know the robot will run just right when you upload the code.

Rendering: Extensive options and outputs; so you can generate amazing videos.

API: Access our functions through Python and C# scripting; so you can manage parameters and actions for complex processes for each target.

More info: Animation Timeline:

Build an animation from a list of Planes, it's that easy! Get these from points, curves or surfaces. Download the example files with the trial and test it yourself.

The unique Timeline component displays all the important robot warnings and the digital Input/Ouput:

RED – clash detection
BLUE - singularities
YELLOW – over rotation
ORANGE – out of reach
Digital Inut/Output: red=off, green=on


IO smoothly interpolates between all the Planes you set. This means you can generate keyframes for positions between Planes too e.g. you have two planes defining a tool path, IO can generate 2000 keyframes. Smooooth!

  • Rendered in full colour as standard, not GH red :-) 
  • LiveBaking - let's you use Rhino render settings in real-time (can be a bit slow!)
  • Slider animation - use the native 'Animate' option to export hi-res images and create videos easily. Just set the number of frames you need (hint: divide total time in seconds by the frames-per-second rate)
  • Bake unlimited meshes as keyframes for export to render-pipelines in 3DS etc.


Accessing the IO functions through Python and C# let's you build more powerful definitions. You can assign data to every position the robot reaches, allowing you to control speed, acceleration, wait-times, actions and more. Examples comparing C# with Python are included in the examples files.

You can also use teh API build your own plugins that use the IO timeline to do all the hard work like IK and creating valid code, while you enjoy developing your new process...

Check out the website for more features and videos of the example definitions:


Download the PDF guide: 150314_IO_Primer_v1.pdf.

Instructions on how to enable sending code over ethernet for UR coming soon (email us if you require it)

When using ABB robots in the lastest version, the tool needs to be connected to robot component as well the path component.

See for more info and pricing.

Developed by RoboFold Ltd. Used by leading academic institutions, researchers and professionals.