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This a set of functional tools aim to facilitate the daily workflow of BIM modelers
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This a set of functional tools aim to facilitate the daily workflow of BIM modellers, developped by Hanshen Sun (Pratt Institute/ Thornton Tomasetti).

Current Function includes: 

- Analysis:

  • Finding Closest Curves in range (Designed to compare/linking two different BIM model without shared ids)
  • Set Intersection & Difference (Just a more user-friendly set management tool)
  • String Matching (Outputs index of the found string) 

- BIM Tools:

  • Add/ deconstruct Attributes to Curves(Using Rhino's function of user attribute)
  • Add/ deconstruct Attributes to Points(Using Rhino's function of user attribute)

- Geometry

  • Retrieving centerline (or center curve) of pipe geometries
  • Unify curve directions

- GIS Tools:

  • Earth Coordinates to XY Points (Having scaling issue, debugging)
  • Get Point Elevation (Using Google's elevation Api to retreve elevation data in Meters)

- Lazy (These tools exists for lazy users like myself)

  • Check if a curve is linear

- ViewPort 

  • Add Rhino light object (implementing...)
  • Batch Animation (Batch rendering using V-Ray)
  • Get Viewport Information (Retrieving a bunch camera properties)
  • Set Camera in Current Viewport
  • Get Brep Outline (Needs debug)
  • Make2d with Lineweight (Needs Testing)
  • Zoom Iterator (Zooming to each geometry of the input list, built for doing spot checks, built for comparing section sizes)https://youtu.be/vjzNZ6wWwi4


Please check the release date in the download file description for reference.

For Bug report and improvement suggestions, please email to hanshensunw@gmail.com.