(by oguzhankoral)
Hawk analyzes view and effects on the agents.
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The volume of view and the way it is perceived in relation to it is one of the factors that affect the daily life of a person by affecting the subconscious and decision mechanism. The angle of view of each creature can vary with the shape of the eye, the burrow of  the eye and body shape. Even this angle varies slightly from person to person, the values that can be accepted are; 62° right and left, 50° upwards and 70° downwards.

Current components:

  • Eye Direction : Calculates volume of view using with eye and direction points that defined by user.
  • Path Segment : Calculates volume of view using with route that defined by user.

What's upcoming:

  • Behavioral agent-based movement.
  • Effects of the users' visual disturbances on the space.