(by mnewberg)
Gopher is a mesh Re-meshing / Reduction / Projecting plugin for Rhinoceros 3d
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Gopher is a mesh Remeshing, Reduction, and mesh to mesh Projecting tool. The plugin adds a few simple commands to Rhino to complete these goals. 

In the Nov 22 Release Added:

GopherProjectSelectedFaces: Project selected faces towards another mesh. This is useful for generating non-touching supports for 3d printing
GopherVoronoi: Tweaked version of Voronoi mesh, outputs lines, polygons and mesh
GopherRandomizeMesh: Randomly move vertices on mesh with the goal to improve mesh quality. 




Takes a selected mesh and reduces polygon count.


MinEdge – Any edge smaller than is removed
MaxTriangleCount – If set ignores min edges, and just reduces down to set value

Remesh and smooth selected meshes.


ConstraintAngle  – Any edge with an angle greater than this value with be constraint (preserved with the smoothing and re-meshing)
MinEdge – Smallest edge length to allow
MaxEdge – Largest edge length to allow
SmoothSteps – How many steps to process, larger the number the cleaner the mesh but longer the processing
SmoothSpeed – How fast to move vertices (if too high will cause problems)

Remesh and smooth selected mesh, while constraining selected edges.

Parameters are the same as Remesh, but added step to choose which edges to constrain.


Remesh and smooth selected mesh onto another target mesh.

See Remesh Parameters


Project Amount – The pull amount towards the target mesh 0 is none, 1 is on
Project Distance – The maximum distance from the target mesh it will pull


uses a modified version of the geometry 3sharp library by Ryan Schmidt