General Lattice Studio (WIP)
(by General Lattice)
GL Studio is an advanced manufacturing toolkit that enables users to quickly create advanced lattice geometries using 100% native CAD data (B-reps).
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Augmenting native Rhino functionality, General Lattice Studio (WIP) expands user capabilities by democratizing the lattice design process providing powerful, intuitive latticing tools. Using 100% native CAD data (B-reps) GL Studio (WIP) works inside Rhino and enables users to seamlessly integrate advanced lattice geometries into larger part files or assemblies with the ability to execute traditional downstream features. 

GL Studio Beta Objectives:

  • Generate solid lattice bodies (B-rep) that can be manipulated within Rhino
  • Optimize workflow by enabling rapid iteration and exploration of multiple structures within the same design space
  • Remove the pains of mesh errors and repairs by creating ready-to-print files from solid bodies
  • Go directly from GL Studio to your slicer, by-passing the need for import/export to expensive mesh repair software

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