(by FabUnion)
A gh-plugin for robotic arm programming.
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FUROBOT is a robot programming platform developed by Fab-Union for the construction industry.
The purpose of FUROBOT is to program on robot more easily,and convert the design into real object with little effort by using some technique packages.


  • Simulation,generation offline program,communication(wip) of KUKA,ABB,UR and external axis
  • Check of movement
  • Math tool of quaternion,euler angles,axis-angle,matrix
  • Technique package for 3dprint+wood+wind+spatial structure
    (some component is locked in this basic version)

   Install instruction:

  1. Unzip "furobot.zip".
  2. Copy FabUnionRobot.gha and ABB.Robotics.Controllers.PC.dll to Grasshopper Component Library(for example:"C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries").
  3. Restart Rhino,Finish.

Learn FUROBOT by downloading the sample files, also can visit:
FUROBOT Tutorial+Document

Any comments are welcome
If you need to add new robot or exteranl axis,pls Email for details.