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Build augmented reality apps in Rhino and Grasshopper
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Fologram is the simplest way to create mixed reality experiences from Rhino. Stream geometry, materials and selections in your Rhino model to the HoloLens with a one click connection and share the experience with multiple devices. Changes in your Rhino model immediately update on the HoloLens, allowing you to use Fologram to rapidly iterate and review designs at scale and in context. Fologram for Grasshopper contains a powerful set of tools to control how your models are streamed to the HoloLens and use gestures and sensor data to interact with them. 

Working with Fologram requires a HoloLens. Expand this text for more information.

Use Fologram to:

- Build intelligent holographic instructions to simplify assembly tasks. 
- Share holographic experiences and interactions between multiple users. 
- Build dynamic holographic templates and reduce reliance on tedious 2D drawings and measurements. 
- Markup models using natural gestures.
- Augment simple hand tools to become precision machinery.
- ​Extend the existing ecosystem of Grasshopper integrations for hardware and software packages to prototype mixed reality applications. 
- Iterate through design changes with clients and work together to make markups to models at full scale. 
- Simulate physical systems and interact with these environments in the real world in real time.
- Combine robotic control systems with natural user interfaces.

Find case studies, experiments, work in progress and projects completed with Fologram on our website, vimeo and instagram pages.

Getting Started:

If you have a HoloLens, head to our website and create an account to get access to a free trial of Fologram for HoloLens.

Follow our video tutorials for an overview of Fologram for HoloLens, an introduction of the Fologram for Grasshopper components and in-depth guides covering how to build common interactive applications.

A library of example applications, step by step courses, troubleshooting help, downloads and online resources are all freely available on Fologram Learn.


To work with Fologram you will need both the Rhino and Grasshopper plugins as well as an integration for a supported mixed reality device. Fologram for Rhino and Grasshopper are free to download and install on any PC running Rhino 5 or 6 for Windows. 

Fologram for HoloLens is free to try for 14 days. Subscriptions can be purchased from our website

Have an Android device that supports ARCore? Request early access to the Fologram for Android beta through our support channel.