(by Pennjamin)
Fast GPU-based physics simulation in Grasshopper supports free particles, fluids, rigid bodies, soft bodies, cloth, inflatables and custom constraints
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FlexHopper offers very fast physics simulation within Grasshopper. It is based on FlexCLI, an open-source C++/CLI interface to access the physics engine NVidia Flex from .Net environment. FlexCLI is built against NVidia Flex release 1.1.0. NVidia Flex is patented property of NVidia.

Instructions for installation as well as the full source repository for FlexHopper and FlexCLI can be found here:


For more information on NVidia Flex go here: https://developer.nvidia.com/flex and https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-flex-110-released

FlexCLI runs on x64 architectures only. It was built against .Net 4.5.2

FlexHopper was tested with Rhino 5 64bit and Rhino 6 64bit and Grasshopper 0.9.0076 and Grasshopper 1.


Requirements: NVidia or AMD Graphics Card

NVIDIA: GeForce Game Ready Driver 372.90 or above

AMD: Radeon Software Version 16.9.1 or above