Farsi Nevis Rose
(by akbar)
Farsi Nevis Rose is a free text writing in Persian language plug-in for Rhino
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Farsi Nevis  supports both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 for Windows and by this plugin you can write in persian (farsi) and arabic and from right to left.

Use Rhino 7's new PackageManager command to download and install the latest version.



Download the plug-in.

Download is in Rhino for Windows Installer file (.RHI) form on Windows.

Double-click in the file to launch the Rhino Installer and install the plug-in.

Download standard Farsi (persian) Fonts in true type font (.ttf)  serie F_ and install in windows fonts folder.

Change keyboard language to persian or arabic.

You can filter the fonts by rename fontst to F_{name}.ttf

Use comman "farsi" to run plug-in.