(by Theo Marchal)
Esquissons is a Grasshopper plugin which help you to design with sound. 
It sketches sound based on the sources and the geometries you declare !
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Esquissons is currently in beta as the work on the tool is "in progress". Uses, acoustics models, software are still in developpement and your feedback would be a great + to help us ameliorate the tool ! 

With Esquissons you will be able to declare sources, import your sound files, and hear it inside the geometry you designed. 
The software interaction between sound and space parametric modelling is incarnated in a modelled 3D sketch in Grasshopper and an acoustic sketch in a standalone application connected with each other interactively. Thus, the program is developed as a de- sign aid for the auralization.

BETA 2.0 UPDATE (! before installation, please be sure to remove all the elements (userobjects and programfiles folder) of the previous version !):
New License : Cecill 2.1
Python code is accessible without password (so you can play with it ;) )
A lot of bugs fixed 
New "reset" function to reset all the sources (Especially when you load a script) 
A gain pot have been add to the esquissons.exe software
You can now visualize the path of the sources in the esquissons.exe software

Current and important limitations : 
ATTENTION, the plugin is currently in beta version and includes several limitations, refer to the guides and tutorials available on the website :
- You can only use sounds in .wav
- You can not use files whose names contain spaces ("") and accents ("to", "é", "ù", "è", etc.)

Feel free to ask anything here or by contacting me directly : remarks, questions, propositions... I consider the developpement of this tool as an interative process. 

/A mac version is currently in developpement too and will be available soon 

CREDITS: Théo Marchal, AAU/CRESSON Laboratory