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Ennoble is a set of plugins developed by Swarovski for Adobe® Illustrator® & Rhino3D®. The software includes the Swarovski Crystal & Gemstone digital component catalogs and is ideal for digital jewelry / fashion / luxury designers and engineers.

With the latest release, Ennoble now provides access to over 1200 Swarovski cut & size combinations (now including Swarovski Zirconia), as well as new prong and cutter builders, adding to the exising generative design and engineering tools for your crystal and gemstone projects, as listed below.


  • Drag & Drop Placement of over 1200 geometries (cut & size variations) from the Swarovski digital component catalogs, for NURBS (curves, polysurfaces, solids), subdivision surfaces and polygon meshes
  • Real-time Updates, both in terms of the software (rolling updates for active subscribers) and new Swarovski collections (e.g. seasonal launches)
  • Prongs, both aesthetic as well as functional
  • Pavé for curves and surfaces / mesh geometries, such as spray-on brushes as well as color and texture based circle packing modifiers
  • Cavity Creation and geometry optimizations for product visualization, rapid prototyping, and metal production
  • Cutter Builder primarily for gemstone settings, e.g. fine jewelry applications
  • Cup Mesh structural creation allows to transform designs into production-ready, self-sustaining geometric structures with accurate cavity settings, inspired by and ideal for 3D Printing
  • Bill of Materials of utilized Swarovski components automatically compiled for export
  • Now available for both Rhino 5 & 6

Rolling release notes now online. New FAQ as well. Download the beta today. Or join our mailing list to receive general news and release updates.

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Ennoble is brought to you by D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH.