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Evolutionary software for crystal and gemstone designs - https://www.ennoble.io/download-beta/
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Design with the connected Swarovski Crystal catalog - including the latest collections - integrated as intelligent Rhino block instance component libraries.

Enjoy the following generative design & engineering tools for working with Swarovski components in Rhino, now available for both Rhino 5 & 6:

  • Accurate component geometries & real-world manufacturing data such as verified preset tolerances & security distances, allowing for precise placement, integration & modification of crystal components, all of which can be adjusted in accordance to your production parameters.
  • Automated placement for NURBS (curves, polysurfaces, solids), subdivision surfaces & polygon meshes, utilizing generative algorithms, evolutionary solvers & parametric techniques for optimal integration.
  • Innovative creative control through a variety of pavĂ© simulation tools for curves & surfaces / mesh geometries, such as spray-on brushes as well as color & texture based circle packing modifiers.
  • Automated cavity & structural creation allows designs to transform into production-ready, self-sustaining geometric structures with accurate crystal cup settings.
  • Advanced tools for fabrication & rapid prototyping geometry optimizations.

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Ennoble is brought to you by D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH.