(by Nathan Miller)
A streamlined commercial plugin for converting Rhino to Revit and manage element updates.
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Conveyor is a geometry and data management plugin developed by Proving Ground for user-friendly compatibility between Rhino┬« and Revit┬« software applications. Conveyor enables you to convert your Rhino geometry into Revit elements without the need for complicated workflows or computational interfaces. Here you can download the Conveyor TRIAL version for Rhino 6 and Revit 2021. The full commercial version of Conveyor is compatible with Rhino 6 and Revit versions 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018. 

  • Documentation for Conveyor - including example workflows and compatibility information - can be found here.
  • Documentation for Semantic - Conveyor's companion data management plugin for Rhino - can be found here.

Conveyor offers a number of advantages over other solutions:

  • Workflows for any skillset - Conveyor provides streamlined user interfaces for managing imports and updates from Rhino to Revit. Only basic modeling skills are required.
  • Track and Manage your Imports - Conveyor provides element-level tracking and allows users to import their Rhino objects into Revit and then update them over time.
  • Manage your Data - Conveyor comes with a powerful data management tool call Semantic. This allows users to create and assign custom user properties and create schedule-like reports within Rhino. These properties can be exported to Revit.
  • OpenNURBS - Conveyor leverages OpenNURBS for converting between Rhino and Revit. Rhino objects and properties are read by Revit using a direct connection to the Rhino file.
  • Battle Tested in the Real World - Conveyor has been used as the Rhino-to-Revit workflow solution on landmark architecture projects including the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium.
  • Implemented at Leading Practices - Conveyor has been deployed at the enterprise level at firms including Perkins+Will, HDR, Studio Gang, Populous, Woods Bagot, and CallisonRTKL.